Check For Bed Bugs In Hotel

Do you have all of your vacation plans set in order? have you checked to make sure that all of your things are packed, hotel and airline reservations are ready to go? Did you remind yourself to check for bed bugs in hotel?

I know that last question may seem a bit funny but if you stay at a hotel with bed bugs, it won’t seem so funny.

Just because a hotel has the 5 star label doesn’t mean it could have bed bugs. Recently, the whole state of New York was pretty much under a bed bug watch because many of their 5 star hotels were infested with bed bugs. They even spread to other places of the world as well which there had to be steps taken to quarantine these nasty little critters.

Steps To Take To Check For Bed Bugs In Hotel

If you want to be extra sure that there are no signs of bed bugs in your hotel room here are a couple things that can help you when you check for bed bugs in hotel. These are all quick and easy steps which will probably only take about five to ten minutes out of your vacation.

1. Check Mattress linings and sheets – The reason why they are called bed bugs is because they live inside of the linings of the mattress that you are sleeping on. Pull off the sheets and check for stains on the sheets, if no stains are apparent then check the mattress seams by gentle pulling back on the seams to check for red spots and black specs that look like dirt. The red spots are blood and the black specs are the bed bugs or the droppings.

2. Check Where The Carpet Lining Meets The Walls – Although you are more likely to find bed bugs in the mattress, they have been found in the crack where the carpet lining meets the walls. Take a pen or pencil and pull back the carpet lining to check and see for the same red spots and black specs.

3. Check the Dresser Draws And Desk – Check the dresser drawers and desk especially books or the bible that it usually inside the desk drawer for blood spots and even bed bugs themselves. Bed bugs have been known to find any place that is dark and warm to live in.

As you can see these are just some simple steps to help you check for bed bugs in hotel. Bed bugs love to live in the bed mattress and other places where it is dark and warm. By checking for bed bugs in hotel you will have peace of mind that you and your family will not only get bed bug bites all over your body but you will not have to worry about bringing the bed bugs back with you when you return home from your vacation.