Check For Bed Bugs Tips

What happens if you get bed bugs in your home? Well, many people who have dealt with a bed bug infestation in the past will tell you that once you have at least one bed bug somewhere in your home it will only be a matter of time until your home will become completed infested with thousands of these nasty little creatures.

Don’t let their size fool you because bed bugs travel in colonies and where there is one bed bug there will be tons more somewhere close by which is why you need to learn some check for bed bugs tips to make sure that you, your family, and your home are completely protected from bed bugs. Here are check for bed bugs tips that will help you determine if your home has been targeted by these bed bugs and also if you can expect your home to become a bed bug breeding ground.

Check For Bed Bugs Tips

If you learn and follow these helpful check for bed bugs tips you will already be ahead of the game.

1. When it comes to bed bugs you need to be proactive – Since these bed bugs reproduce so quickly you will need to make sure bed bugs haven’t already invaded your home, even worse, the places where you and your family sleep each night.

2. Check the beds and mattress linings – The mattress linings is the first place you should check for bed bugs because this is where they set up camp. Gently pull back the mattress linings and look for two major things which are red blood spots and black specs which is the feces of bed bugs. You may even see some brownish or gold color bugs crawling as well.

3. Check Suitcases – Many people are not sure of how they got bed bugs in their home but one of the reasons why is because the bed bugs invaded one of your suitcases that you used on your last vacation. Again, check the linings and seams of your suitcases for the red blood spots and black specs, you may want to use a small flashlight to help you see much better.

4. Check Wall Sockets – Although this doesn’t seem like one of the places bed bugs would love to hide but this is where the bed bugs like to invade your bedroom from. Since the wall sockets provide a nice dark and warm area for the bed bugs to live in, it only makes sense to check these as well. Just take a flat head screw driver and unscrew the cover and check the wiring and surrounding areas for bed bugs.

Once you have completed these check for bed bugs tips you will know if you either have a bed bug problem on your hands or if you have dodged a major bullet. Bed bug removal can cost home owners a lot of money and also a lot of time because of the exterminator costs and home tenting. That is why these check for bed bugs tips will help you stay one step ahead to avoiding a bed bug infestation.